I Am Julie
Interior designer.

Creating innovative interior design solutions for tomorrow.
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Welcome. I’m Julie, founder of Rexton Interiors. With over 14 years of design experience, my work features a blend of comfort, function, and sophistication. My clients consider me an expert in sustainable luxury design. My design philosophy encompasses highly functional spaces that encourage a healthier living.

With my background in broadcast TV set design, I understand just how important logistics and planning are in cultivating a warm and elegant homes. This experience also taught me the value of overcoming obstacles with finesse. Additionally, I have many years working in Commercial and Residential Interiors which has taught me the art of compromising and communication. Without these insights gained I wouldn't be who I am today.

I had a growing interest in Biophilic design, this is where Rexton Interiors comes in. I recognized the benefits of connecting people and nature within their surroundings. It helps reduce stress and anxiety and helps improve your productivity from just being in your own home or in public spaces designed around the Biophilic Design concept.

The design industry has become socially and environmentally conscious of how products are made, sold and shipped. In my opinion Interior Design involves taking account of the whole home environment, and how the spaces are used. Then incorporating symbolic colors and patterns, natural textures, and sunshine to create harmony and balance to create YOUR home.